Welcome to the Oni Community Bug Tracker

This is where we report bugs and desired features in the software that the community has produced and stored on our Subversion repository, as well as the core mod packages for the Anniversary Edition on the Mod Depot. This site runs on Trac, which provides a wiki, timeline, ticket system, and roadmap (not used here). Full documentation is found under the "Help/Guide" link at the top-right, but here's some starter tips and links.

If you're familiar with editing Wikipedia but not a Trac wiki, you'll have a small amount of adjusting to do, as Trac's a bit closer to the original wiki software, WikiWikiWeb. Overall, though, the markup is pretty similar to MediaWiki, on which Wikipedia runs. Read WikiFormatting to learn the markup; I suggest especially paying attention to the CamelCase and WikiPageNames pages, as this aspect is quite different from MediaWiki. To disable wiki markup in various contexts, precede it with a '!'. Click "Edit this page" to see how I use the '!' in the sentence after this one, for example. Raw HTML can be used by typing {{{#!html htmlStuffHere}}}.

The timeline shows the recent commits to Subversion, recent ticket changes, and edits to the wiki. It's an easy way to keep your finger on the pulse of the community's projects. If you are an RSS kind of person, here's your feed URL. Here is a feed URL that doesn't give you the source commits, in case you already use WebSVN's RSS feed.

Filing tickets is pretty straight-forward, but one little tip: when you want to attach a file, and you check that little box called "I have files to attach to this ticket"... nothing will happen. Not right then. You have to hit "Create ticket", and then you will get a chance to attach the file. Now, what this means is that if you wanted to embed an image in your ticket, you have to name the image in your ticket before it even exists on the site. For instance, you would type "Here's the problem I'm having: [[Image(Screenshot.jpg)]].", check the "I have files" box, hit Create, then upload Screenshot.jpg, and the image should now appear embedded in your ticket. Of course, you could always just go back and modify your ticket to add the image link after uploading the image, but the first way cuts down on edit noise in Trac's history and Timeline.

Finally, you can read TracBatchModify to learn how to modify more than one ticket at a time.

Feel the Gestalt

There's a great synergy from having a ticket system tied to a wiki tied to version control, which is that we can type things on the wiki or in tickets like "When are we taking care of ticket:1?" and "I see what you did there in r1" and you get automatic links with hovertext descriptions! Read TracLinks to see all the ways you can interlink the systems.

Support links for the Trac software can be found at TracSupport.

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