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38<div class="textblock"><p><a class="anchor" id="faq-non-QIODevice"></a> Q. Is there any way to use <a class="el" href="classQuaZipFile.html" title="A file inside ZIP archive.">QuaZipFile</a> in <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">Qt</a> where you are supposed to use normal (non-zipped) file, but not through <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QIODevice</a> API?</p>
39<p>A. Usually not. For example, if you are passing file name to some database driver (like SQLite), <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">Qt</a> usually just passes this name down to the 3rd-party library, which is usually does not know anything about <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QIODevice</a> and therefore there is no way to pass <a class="el" href="classQuaZipFile.html" title="A file inside ZIP archive.">QuaZipFile</a> as normal file. However, if we are talking about some place where you pass file name, and then indirectly use <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QFile</a> to open it, then it is a good idea to make overloaded method, which accepts a <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QIODevice</a> pointer. Then you would be able to pass <a class="el" href="classQuaZipFile.html" title="A file inside ZIP archive.">QuaZipFile</a> as well as many other nice things such as <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QBuffer</a> or <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QProcess</a>.</p>
40<p><a class="anchor" id="faq-zip64"></a> Q. Can QuaZIP handle files larger than 4GB? What about zip64 standard?</p>
41<p>A. Starting with version 0.6, QuaZIP uses Minizip 1.1 with zip64 support which should handle large files perfectly. The zip64 support in Minizip looks like it's not 100% conforming to the standard, but 3rd party tools seem to have no problem with the resulting archives.</p>
42<p><a class="anchor" id="faq-seekable"></a> Q. Can QuaZIP write archives to a sequential <a class="elRef" doxygen="qtcore.tags:" href="">QIODevice</a> like QTcpSocket?</p>
43<p>A. Not yet. It is not supported by vanilla Minizip (the back-end QuaZIP uses), although theoretically possible according to the ZIP standard. It would require some Minizip modifications that would allow it to detect non-seekable I/O and produce necessary output structures. QuaZIP already writes data descriptor which is necessary for non-seekable I/O. The only thing that is apparently left is to make Minizip fill local headers with correct values and forget about seeking after closing the file. </p>
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