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Added zlib, quazip, basicxmlsyntaxhighlighter, conditionalsemaphore and linenumberdisplay libraries. zlib and quazip are pre-compiled, but you can compile them yourself, just delete the dll files (or equivalent binary files to your OS)

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1# Project:   zlib_1_03
2# Patched for zlib 1.1.2 19980430
3# test works out-of-the-box, installs `somewhere' on demand
5# Toolflags:
6CCflags = -c -depend !Depend -IC: -g -throwback  -DRISCOS  -fah
7C++flags = -c -depend !Depend -IC: -throwback
8Linkflags = -aif -c++ -o $@
9ObjAsmflags = -throwback -NoCache -depend !Depend
10CMHGflags =
11LibFileflags = -c -l -o $@
12Squeezeflags = -o $@
14# change the line below to where _you_ want the library installed.
15libdest = lib:zlib
17# Final targets:
18@.lib:   @.o.adler32 @.o.compress @.o.crc32 @.o.deflate @.o.gzio \
19        @.o.infblock @.o.infcodes @.o.inffast @.o.inflate @.o.inftrees @.o.infutil @.o.trees \
20        @.o.uncompr @.o.zutil
21        LibFile $(LibFileflags) @.o.adler32 @.o.compress @.o.crc32 @.o.deflate \
22        @.o.gzio @.o.infblock @.o.infcodes @.o.inffast @.o.inflate @.o.inftrees @.o.infutil \
23        @.o.trees @.o.uncompr @.o.zutil
24test:   @.minigzip @.example @.lib
25        @copy @.lib @.libc  A~C~DF~L~N~P~Q~RS~TV
26        @echo running tests: hang on.
27        @/@.minigzip -f -9 libc
28        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
29        @/@.minigzip -f -1 libc
30        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
31        @/@.minigzip -h -9 libc
32        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
33        @/@.minigzip -h -1 libc
34        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
35        @/@.minigzip -9 libc
36        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
37        @/@.minigzip -1 libc
38        @/@.minigzip -d libc-gz
39        @diff @.lib @.libc
40        @echo that should have reported '@.lib and @.libc identical' if you have diff.
41        @/@.example @.fred @.fred
42        @echo that will have given lots of hello!'s.
44@.minigzip:   @.o.minigzip @.lib C:o.Stubs
45        Link $(Linkflags) @.o.minigzip @.lib C:o.Stubs
46@.example:   @.o.example @.lib C:o.Stubs
47        Link $(Linkflags) @.o.example @.lib C:o.Stubs
49install: @.lib
50        cdir $(libdest)
51        cdir $(libdest).h
52        @copy @.h.zlib $(libdest).h.zlib A~C~DF~L~N~P~Q~RS~TV
53        @copy @.h.zconf $(libdest).h.zconf A~C~DF~L~N~P~Q~RS~TV
54        @copy @.lib $(libdest).lib  A~C~DF~L~N~P~Q~RS~TV
55        @echo okay, installed zlib in $(libdest)
57clean:; remove @.minigzip
58        remove @.example
59        remove @.libc
60        -wipe @.o.* F~r~cV
61        remove @.fred
63# User-editable dependencies:
65        cc $(ccflags) -o $@ $<
67# Static dependencies:
69# Dynamic dependencies:
70o.example:      c.example
71o.example:      h.zlib
72o.example:      h.zconf
73o.minigzip:     c.minigzip
74o.minigzip:     h.zlib
75o.minigzip:     h.zconf
76o.adler32:      c.adler32
77o.adler32:      h.zlib
78o.adler32:      h.zconf
79o.compress:     c.compress
80o.compress:     h.zlib
81o.compress:     h.zconf
82o.crc32:        c.crc32
83o.crc32:        h.zlib
84o.crc32:        h.zconf
85o.deflate:      c.deflate
86o.deflate:      h.deflate
87o.deflate:      h.zutil
88o.deflate:      h.zlib
89o.deflate:      h.zconf
90o.gzio: c.gzio
91o.gzio: h.zutil
92o.gzio: h.zlib
93o.gzio: h.zconf
94o.infblock:     c.infblock
95o.infblock:     h.zutil
96o.infblock:     h.zlib
97o.infblock:     h.zconf
98o.infblock:     h.infblock
99o.infblock:     h.inftrees
100o.infblock:     h.infcodes
101o.infblock:     h.infutil
102o.infcodes:     c.infcodes
103o.infcodes:     h.zutil
104o.infcodes:     h.zlib
105o.infcodes:     h.zconf
106o.infcodes:     h.inftrees
107o.infcodes:     h.infblock
108o.infcodes:     h.infcodes
109o.infcodes:     h.infutil
110o.infcodes:     h.inffast
111o.inffast:      c.inffast
112o.inffast:      h.zutil
113o.inffast:      h.zlib
114o.inffast:      h.zconf
115o.inffast:      h.inftrees
116o.inffast:      h.infblock
117o.inffast:      h.infcodes
118o.inffast:      h.infutil
119o.inffast:      h.inffast
120o.inflate:      c.inflate
121o.inflate:      h.zutil
122o.inflate:      h.zlib
123o.inflate:      h.zconf
124o.inflate:      h.infblock
125o.inftrees:     c.inftrees
126o.inftrees:     h.zutil
127o.inftrees:     h.zlib
128o.inftrees:     h.zconf
129o.inftrees:     h.inftrees
130o.inftrees:     h.inffixed
131o.infutil:      c.infutil
132o.infutil:      h.zutil
133o.infutil:      h.zlib
134o.infutil:      h.zconf
135o.infutil:      h.infblock
136o.infutil:      h.inftrees
137o.infutil:      h.infcodes
138o.infutil:      h.infutil
139o.trees:        c.trees
140o.trees:        h.deflate
141o.trees:        h.zutil
142o.trees:        h.zlib
143o.trees:        h.zconf
144o.trees:        h.trees
145o.uncompr:      c.uncompr
146o.uncompr:      h.zlib
147o.uncompr:      h.zconf
148o.zutil:        c.zutil
149o.zutil:        h.zutil
150o.zutil:        h.zlib
151o.zutil:        h.zconf
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