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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Created
#11 Avoid problems with mod and patch overload new Alloc defect critical 11 years
#92 Installation fails when ...? Using a foreign language in Windows? reopened Alloc defect critical 9 years
#136 AEI should display an error message dialog if any of the installation steps return an error new Alloc defect critical 5 years
#12 File conflict/overwrite alert accepted Alloc enhancement major 11 years
#56 Move mods which are renumbered new Alloc enhancement major 11 years
#70 Unzipping Mac apps kills symbolic links new Alloc defect major 10 years
#79 Recognize svn errors new Alloc defect major 10 years
#106 Move mod storage from Mod Depot to Subversion new Alloc enhancement major 8 years
#107 Report .NET version in use new Alloc defect major 8 years
#129 Rebuild levels if package contents were changed new Alloc enhancement major 6 years
#140 Support Oni Demo for AE new Alloc enhancement major 5 years
#146 AE Setup defaulting to old installation directory assigned Iritscen defect major 4 years
#152 Skip .oni-patch files that would apply to non-existent files assigned Alloc enhancement major 3 years
#123 AEI: locally stored tools cannot be deleted new Alloc defect trivial 7 years
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