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1== Building the AE Installer for the Macintosh ==
2last updated June.06.2009
3by Iritscen (
5Requirements: An Intel Macintosh computer, preferably with Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and an administrator password.
7Note: At the moment, the project is still in flux. I am planning to eventually set up the project to build a Universal application, not an Intel-only one. However, such a project may still require an Intel Mac to build the Installer.
91. Preparing to build the Installer.
10   A. Install the Developer Tools.
11      If you have not installed OS X's Developer Tools, do so now. You can find the optional install on an OS X install disc, or your computer's system recovery disc. The Tools can also be downloaded from after registering a free account.  The project file on this repository was made with Xcode 3.x, which requires OS X 10.5.
12      If you have OS X 10.4, you may still be able to use the project file in this repository with Xcode 2.x, but I can't make any promises. However, you always have the option of creating a new project for the source if you have an Xcode version older than 3.x. Contact me if you need assistance with the project settings.
14   B. Download and build Boost.
15      Go to First, click the link for the latest Boost library release. When it takes you to a page offering the download in different formats, choose the .tar.bz2 version. Next, back up and look for the last version of Boost Jam. Download the version for the Mac. Place the "bjam" binary in /usr/local/bin/.
16      Navigate in the Terminal to the directory with the Boost source and issue these commands:
17      sudo ./configure --with-bjam=/usr/local/bin/bjam
18      sudo make install
19      When all is done, look in /usr/local/lib/ for files beginning with "libboost". If present, your build was successful.
21   C. Download and build wxWidgets.
22      Go to Look for a link for wxMac and download the file. Extract it and navigate in the Terminal to the base directory. Issue these commands:
23      mkdir osx-build
24      cd osx-build
25      ../configure --with-opengl --disable-shared
26      sudo make
27      sudo make install
28      After all above commands have finished, check in /usr/local/lib/ for files that start with "libwx_mac" to ensure the build was successful.
302. Downloading the project and source.
31   Go to Click the Tarball button on the same line as the Installer directory. The server will prepare the tarball, and then the download will begin. You will receive a .tar.gz file. Double-click it to automatically unzip and extract the files.
32   Note that the source is in Installer/trunk/, while the Xcode project file is in Installer/trunk/projects/xcode/AE_Installer-GUI/. When you move the extracted files to the place you wish to keep them, you must preserve the relative hierarchy that lies between the source and the project file. The project file expects to find the source files in ../../../source/, so do not move the source files anywhere other than three levels up from the project file in a folder called 'source'.
343. Building the Installer.
35   If you are able to use the included .xcodeproj file, then you should immediately be able to build the Installer as soon as you open the project file. If there is difficulty, make sure that there are wxWidgets and Boost libraries in /usr/local/lib/ and that the project is in Release mode. If you are still stumped, contact me for help.
36   Once built, "AE" must be moved to the edition/install/ folder inside your Oni installation, alongside the packages/ folder, in order to work.
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