source: AE/Installer/trunk/source/replace_installer.bat @ 503

Last change on this file since 503 was 503, checked in by gumby, 13 years ago

Added button to change the current directory
Fixed about window by adding a ->ShowModal (how did it get deleted?)
Fixed refresh button
Cleaned up replace_installer.bat (i think...)

File size: 259 bytes
[496]1PING -n 1>nul
2cd "%~dp0" /D
3if exist AEInstaller.exe (
4        if exist .\..\..\..\install\AEInstaller.exe (
5                DEL .\..\..\..\install\AEInstaller.exe
[490]6        )
8        COPY AEInstaller.exe  .\..\..\..\install\
[503]9        cd ..\..\..\install\
10        START AEInstaller.exe
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