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3The globalization process
4When first running the Installer, this is a one-time process that takes the
5vanilla .dats in Oni's GDF and breaks them into thousands of .oni files in
6folders like Edition/GDF/level1_Final. Next, the Installer combines those
7folders of .oni files into singleton, large .oni files, one for each level, in
8Edition/install/VanillaDats/. Note that no data has been modded yet, just
9reformatted. This process of pre-compiling the data results in a large speed
10increase over previous recombination methods.
12The mod installation process
13Right after this, the Installer prompts you to choose some mods to install.
14When you hit the Install button, the Installer starts off by deleting the
15existing .dat/.raw(/.sep) files in Edition/GDF to start from a blank slate. It
16then iterates through each mod package you selected, and sends a command to
17OniSplit to combine the singleton .oni for that level (in VanillaDats) with the
18.oni files in whichever packages have files meant for that level. The final
19.dat/.raw(/.sep) files are then created in Edition/GDF.
21-1) AEI-folder has to be able to be moved to another machine including
22downloaded mods, OniSplit etc so that it can be distributed as an offline
25*) Open package folder from mod list (also menu options for other folders like
280) OniSplit
29Download/Update from depot. Perhaps even without a shipped one
30(-> globalization after downloading onisplit)
321) Dependencies
33Would be nice if in the future we could at least give a warning when a mod
34requires another that isn't available (and of course allow write dependencies
35for the new mods).This would help very much in some mods that require others.
36For example the china mod requires about other 3 packages, and it will crash if
37they aren't present. This would at least warn the user of that.
392) Mod-Depot access
40Another thing that would be awesome but can be a little tough to program would
41be that the installer would show the latest mods from the depot with a short
42description, plus maybe the most downloaded mods. In addition install and
43download them directly from it would be even more interesting.
453) Supply new tools
46I think the new version should contain the latest oni split version plus maybe
47the latest vago/ae tools too.
48* Onisplit latest version and scripts vago gui or/and demos's gui and lukas
49creator's oni levels unlock should be included.
514) Switch supplied mods
52We should see which mods are more used right now that aren't included with the
53edition. For example I see that perceptible blood is kinda popular between the
54players, even if the edition already comes with another soft blood version.
55Dunno if we should replace that one with the perceptible blood (which is more
56anime style in my opinion).
585) Update supplied mods
59There are a lot of outdated mods in the last Edition things like brutal AI,
60New Characters and Andrashi Melee System I think, which should be updated to
61the last version.
636) Order in mod-list
64AE installer should list mods ordered by numbers rather than by alphabetical
65order. Arranging by package numbers makes related packages ordered after each
66other and makes it easier to identify which will overwrite which.
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