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Updatezors. Package is tentatively done.

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1AEInstallVersion ->  1.0
2NameOfMod -> Improved Weapons
3ModString -> 11000BetterWeaps 1.1
4Category -> AE: Weapons
5Creator -> Geyser/Loser/Iritscen/Gumby
6HasOnis -> Yes
7HasDeltas -> No
8HasBSL -> No
9HasDats -> No
10IsEngine -> No
11Readme -> Improves the appearence and mechanics of existing Oni weapons. \n \n Currently contains: \n 1. Long lasting bullet casings \n 2. 3D casings for pistols \n 3. Mercury Bow no longer knocks down \n 4. Plasma Rifle has a larger hit detection radius \n 5. Scram Cannon has better rockets and a new secondary fire option
12GlobalNeeded -> Yes
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