source: AE/packages/51000UnlockAllMoves/Mod_Info.cfg @ 538

Last change on this file since 538 was 538, checked in by iritscen, 11 years ago

Correcting mod_info files that have floating point version numbers to be AEInstallVersion 1.1.

File size: 530 bytes
1AAEInstallVersion ->  1.1
2NameOfMod -> Unlock All Moves
3ModString -> 51000UnlockAllMoves 1.1
4Category -> AE: Animations
5Creator -> Gumby
6HasOnis -> Yes
7Readme -> Unlocks all attacks. \n \n Triple-Hit Haymaker (PPP) \n Spinning Sidekick (KKK) \n Willow Kick (Bk,Fw+K) \n Crescent Moon Kick (KKFw+K) \n Devil Spin Kick (C,K) \n Running Lariat (Fw...P [throw]) \n Rising Fury (C,P) \n Twister Kick ([Lt/Rt]Fw+K) \n Stepping Disarm (Fw+Kick [Pistol Disarm]) \n \n Bonus! Gives Comguys "Radio Saber" (C,K)
8GlobalNeeded -> Yes
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