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Adding detailed description of Andrashi Melee System to mod_info file.

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1AEInstallVersion ->  1.0
2NameOfMod -> Andrashi Melee System
3ModString -> 52000AndrashiTRAM 1
4Category -> AE: Animations
5Creator -> Loser
6HasOnis -> Yes
7Readme ->  - Unlocks all moves. \n - Backbreaker made about 2x more powerful to encourage stealth \n - Made combos more escapable to discourage spamming \n - Removed invulnerability from some super moves to discourage spamming \n - Removed unblockability from supers; they might still cause stagger/damage, but blocking helps now \n - Shortened front-facing throw ranges to discourage throw spamming since throws are unescapable \n - Removed invulnerability from knockdowns and blownups to allow team attacks on a target \n - Cut wasted time out of some animations like Mukade's teleport anim, making him less easy to Lariat-spam \n - Removed some invulnerability from getups and getup kicks \n - Ensured that all character classes have front and back rifle and pistol disarms \n - Misc. bug fixes
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