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daodan.dll and binkw32 import lib

File size: 410 bytes
1gcc -O3 -s -Wall -shared -fomit-frame-pointer -DDSFMT_MEXP=19937 -o build\daodan.dll src\Oni_Symbols.S src\Daodan.c src\Daodan_DLLStubs.c src\Daodan_Patch.c src\Daodan_Utility.c src\Daodan_Win32.c src\Daodan_Cheater.c src\Daodan_Persistence.c src\Daodan_WindowHack.c src\daodan_gl.c src\Daodan_Character.c src\Daodan_Console.c src\Daodan_BSL.c src\inifile_reader.c src\dSFMT\dSFMT.c obj\binkw32.a -lgdi32 -lffi
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