source: Daodan/src/daodan_gl.h @ 455

Last change on this file since 455 was 326, checked in by rossy, 15 years ago

This is the first "non-working" commit of Daodan. For this reason, the last fully working release is in the /release/ folder while the current build is in the /build/ folder. The reason it's not working is that I'm trying to write a "proper" windowed mode by replacing ONrPlatform_Initialize and gl_platform_initialize. I'm currently in the middle of rewriting gl_platform_initialize and Oni's draw engine doesn't like the new code.

File size: 473 bytes
1#pragma once
2#ifndef DAODAN_GL_H
3#define DAODAN_GL_H
5#include "Daodan.h"
6#include "BFW_Motoko_Draw.h"
8#include "oni_gl.h"
10void init_daodan_gl();
11void update_cdmode();
12unsigned int ONICALL daodan_enumerate_valid_display_modes(M3tDisplayMode modes[16]);
13bool daodan_testmode(M3tDisplayMode mode);
14int daodan_set_display_mode(short width, short height, short depth);
15void daodan_set_gamma(float gamma);
16int ONICALL daodangl_platform_initialize();
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