Anniversary Edition for Oni
About the AE
The Anniversary Edition ("Edition" or "AE" for short) is a modding framework and set of mods for the action game Oni, released in 2001. You need a retail version of Oni to play the Edition. Full documentation for this release can be found at
You will also need .NET installed, if you use Windows, or mono installed if you use a Mac, in order for the AE installation to work. Click HERE if you need .NET, or HERE (OS X 10.4+) or HERE (OS X 10.3) if you need mono.
If you already have a previous version of the Edition installed, follow the directions for your platform:
Mac: Simply open the application you downloaded and follow the instructions it provides.
The Edition does not replace your existing game installation. To install, simply place the "Edition" folder inside your "Oni" folder, then run the Installer. You will have to globalize before you can install mods for the first time, which could take up to half an hour. Note: At this point, AE Oni is not playable. You must install at least one mod before you can play the copy of Oni inside "Edition". Simply check the boxes of the mods you want, and press the "Install" button. This process could take up to 5 minutes, but will be faster on most computers.
To play AE, you open the Oni application inside the "Edition" folder, and to play "vanilla" (unmodded) Oni, you open the original Oni application in the "Oni" folder *. If you do not see a modified Main Menu that says "Anniversary Edition", you are not playing the Edition. Have fun! For support, visit
*This is how it works for Windows users. Note for Mac users: The Oni application remembers the last active Oni installation. This means that opening the in one folder could load an Oni installation in another folder. The Installer automatically alters Oni's preferences to use the Edition installation when you globalize. That means that opening the in your vanilla installation will also load the Edition. To switch between active installations, open the AETools utility in the Edition folder and look for the GameDataFolder-switching feature under the Special tab.
Anniversary Edition Credits
EdT: BGI troops, additional weapons Neo: OniSplit, documenting Oni, tech support
geyser: Original creator of the Edition Paradox: Documenting Oni
Gumby: Installer and Framework RossyMiles: Daodan DLL port to C
Iritscen: Installer (Mac) SFeLi: Original Daodan DLL
Loser: Improved animation and AI ssg: Documenting Oni
And thanks to Bungie for making Oni!