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(edit) @1138   2 years iritscen Adding my email address to some of my projects.
(edit) @1133   2 years alloc Updated AEI Setup, new updater with a few more log lines, setup always …
(edit) @1091   5 years iritscen Updating Mac AE Setup to v1.3 (no code changes, only the new AEIU .jar …
(edit) @1088   5 years alloc AEIU 1.3 fixed jar
(edit) @1080   5 years alloc Added AEI2Updater.jar
(edit) @1079   5 years alloc AEI2-Setup-Win 1.3
(edit) @1065   5 years iritscen Updated AE Setup to v1.2.0 to ensure Mono and macOS 10.13 compatibility.
(edit) @1044   6 years iritscen Forgot to update Info.plist as part of last commit.
(edit) @1043   6 years iritscen Incremented version number for AE Setup to 1.1.9 because it had to be …
(edit) @1042   6 years iritscen Re-built Run AEI app for 10.12. No code changes.
(edit) @1030   6 years iritscen AE Setup v1.1.8. Updated Run AE Installer script for Mono in 10.11. …
(edit) @1029   7 years iritscen AE Setup v1.1.7. Replacing simple AppleScript versions of AE Setup and …
(edit) @1028   7 years iritscen Adding build instructions for Mac AE Setup app.
(edit) @1027   7 years iritscen Improved Java invocations for Mac AE Setup app and Run AE Installer …
(edit) @1022   7 years iritscen Setup 1.1.5. More fixes for Java invocation.
(edit) @1015   7 years alloc AEI2-Setup Win 1.2
(edit) @1010   7 years iritscen Updating AE Setup scripts for Mac Setup app 1.1.4. Restored 10.6 …
(edit) @1009   8 years iritscen OS X 10.10 seems to prompt the user to install Java differently than …
(edit) @957   8 years iritscen Fix for special 'f' bug in Java 7 on Macs.
(edit) @855   9 years alloc AEI-Setup Win: Added proxy dialog
(edit) @818   9 years alloc AEI2 Setup Win
(add) @788   9 years iritscen Adding code and resources for Mac AE Setup app.
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