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(edit) @399   11 years gumby Fixed fail persist.dat\key_config.txt copy bug
(edit) @398   11 years gumby Fixed broken exception handling Fixed ONWC globalizing fail …
(edit) @397   11 years iritscen Fixed key_config copying bug and Mac GDF pref-writing bug.
(edit) @396   11 years gumby Fixed split Globalization log
(edit) @394   11 years gumby (Red)Added Win7 Taskbar Progress
(edit) @393   11 years iritscen Implemented escapePath() to fix path bug on Mac side.
(edit) @392   11 years gumby added escapePath, use for escaping unix strings
(edit) @391   11 years gumby Fixed menu (Actually in previous commit, this one is a dummy commit)
(edit) @390   11 years gumby Fixed ONWC Globalization bug Added code for copying persist.dat and …
(edit) @385   11 years gumby
(edit) @379   11 years iritscen Adding GDF switch code to Mac side post-globalization. Preparing way …
(edit) @373   11 years iritscen Fixed OptionsPanel->Show refreshing issue.
(edit) @372   11 years iritscen Fixed globalization log writes. Removed reporting of all file names …
(edit) @371   11 years iritscen Re-fixing Credits, lose changes again AND DIE _. Updating to-do list …
(edit) @362   11 years gumby Globalize.oni -> Globalize.log ;)
(edit) @361   11 years gumby Fixed MainWindow::OnReGlobalizeButtonClick()
(edit) @359   11 years gumby Fixed bug where IGMD would be in the wrong place
(edit) @358   11 years gumby Fixed bugs: Missing globalize code on start possibly fixed adv option …
(edit) @357   11 years gumby Finished installer 1.0 except for icons
(edit) @355   11 years gumby
(edit) @353   11 years iritscen Mac fixes -- status bar and sleep code.
(edit) @331   11 years iritscen "Seperated" => "Separated".
(edit) @328   11 years gumby Added a border, probably
(edit) @327   11 years iritscen Changed Info panel to be set by SetValue() rather than SetLabel()
(edit) @325   11 years iritscen Rolled installer.cpp code into mainwindow.cpp, do not build …
(add) @324   11 years iritscen Replacing old CLI source with new GUI source.
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