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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Created
#38 Cutscene skipping new Alloc enhancement major 8 years
#65 Menu problems when doing stuff too quickly new Alloc defect major 8 years
#142 Add shield-bypassing flag to PAR3 new Alloc enhancement major 21 months
#143 Correct Oni's sprite-drawing for widescreen resolutions assigned Alloc enhancement major 19 months
#144 Patch Oni to support monitors over 60Hz new Alloc enhancement major 19 months
#30 Camera drift bug new task minor 8 years
#37 BSL overloaded by standing in damaging TV new Alloc enhancement minor 8 years
#81 Check and fix all custom BSL commands new Alloc defect minor 7 years
#101 Resume button-moving feature should support any size of Main Menu new Alloc defect minor 6 years
#127 Outro movie plays only sound with black screen new alloc defect minor 3 years
#133 Add support for clipboard paste (or even copy) in Oni Dev console assigned Iritscen enhancement minor 2 years
#137 Carry over support for Japanese text from J release new Alloc enhancement minor 2 years
#141 Add support for smart TXAN new Alloc enhancement minor 21 months
#145 Add animation types to Oni new Alloc enhancement minor 18 months
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