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Improve applying of options / make options from context menu more visible

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After discussing in the discord with a couple of members we concluded the way of applying options in Vago is not as natural as in other programs like compressors or video encoders.

Currently applying options to files in Vago works like this:

  1. You first set the options that you want.
  2. You then add the files that you want to apply the options to

You can also apply options to existing files, by selecting their rows and right clicking -> apply current options.

The new applying options should be more similar to compress / encoder program, that is, applying the options once you click/change them.

The procedure should be:

  1. You add the files
  2. The files added get selected immediately (default options are also applied)
  3. You are now able to set the options for these selected files, once any change is made, it is applied immediately to the files
  4. As bonus, once a cell is selected, all the rows with the same matching options should display their text in the same color (maybe dark green)
  5. By clicking an existing cell the options will update automatically for that row (showing which options are applied), though they will be grayed out (you can only change once you select the row
  6. You can change existing groups of files options in the same way as above, by selecting their rows first and then changing the options
    1. If there are different options for the selected group a warning should be displayed (maybe in the status bar with yellow text and a warning sign, maybe making the background of the options yellowish), if you change the options then all files will get their own overridden.
  7. Change to current options context menu entry should be removed
  8. When no rows are selected the options should be disabled, if the user attempts to click on them, we can display a message in status bar "You need to select a row before changing options".

Additionally members found that the context menu for the files is too hidden. Therefore an idea to improve its visibility is too add a new menu in Vago called "Edit", this will contain the same entries and the context menu. Possibly a way to hint the user why the menu is disabled shown be shown, I guess a message in status bar "Select rows first to edit" should be sufficient.

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