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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Created
#11 Avoid problems with mod and patch overload Alloc defect critical AEI2 5 years
#119 Vago suggestions: shell extensions for most important conversions s10k enhancement critical Vago 23 months
#132 Vago is broken in macOS 10.13 s10k defect critical Vago 6 months
#38 Cutscene skipping Alloc enhancement major Daodan/Win 5 years
#54 bin SVN sometimes stays locked after failed update Alloc defect major AEI2/Updater 5 years
#56 Move mods which are renumbered Alloc enhancement major AEI2 5 years
#63 AE Self updater does not close and launch AEI Alloc defect major AEI2/Updater 5 years
#65 Menu problems when doing stuff too quickly Alloc defect major Daodan/Win 5 years
#70 Unzipping Mac apps kills symbolic links Alloc defect major AEI2 5 years
#79 Recognize svn errors Alloc defect major AEI2 4 years
#106 Move mod storage from Mod Depot to Subversion Alloc enhancement major AEI2 3 years
#107 Report .NET version in use Alloc defect major AEI2 3 years
#115 Vago suggestions: TRAC editor s10k enhancement major Vago 23 months
#122 Vago suggestion: sound wizard enhancement #2 s10k enhancement major Vago 20 months
#129 Rebuild levels if package contents were changed Alloc enhancement major AEI2 8 months
#28 Allow user to only be notified about updates to installed mods Alloc enhancement minor AEI2/UI 5 years
#30 Camera drift bug task minor Daodan/Win 5 years
#32 Read Incompatibility\Dependency from Depot Iritscen enhancement minor WebTools/ModDepot 5 years
#34 Blood mod: Droids shouldn't bleed defect minor Packages 5 years
#37 BSL overloaded by standing in damaging TV Alloc enhancement minor Daodan/Win 5 years
#39 Widescreen Fixes - Dream Lab & TCTF II defect minor Packages 5 years
#81 Check and fix all custom BSL commands Alloc defect minor Daodan/Win 4 years
#101 Resume button-moving feature should support any size of Main Menu Alloc defect minor Daodan/Win 3 years
#117 Vago suggestions: TXMP "flying head" editor s10k enhancement minor Vago 23 months
#121 Vago suggestions: sound wizard enhancement s10k enhancement minor Vago 21 months
#127 "movie_play script function" / "bink video play" is broken alloc defect minor Daodan/Win 10 months
#133 Add support for clipboard paste (or even copy) in Oni Dev console Alloc enhancement minor Daodan/Win 3 days
#134 Display a warning when an undeclared variable is used in BSL Alloc enhancement minor Daodan 2 days
#6 Use Windows Oni icon for "Run Oni" buttons in Windows Alloc defect trivial AEI2/UI 5 years
#69 App name appears in Dock as "java" in OS X 10.9+ Alloc defect trivial AEI2/UI 5 years
#123 AEI: locally stored tools cannot be deleted Alloc defect trivial AEI2 20 months
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