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(edit) @570   13 years gumby I made a boner. BSL mods should be fixed.
(edit) @566   14 years iritscen Updating install_info for 2010-05a.
(edit) @565   14 years iritscen Fixing (hopefully) update bug stemming from extra return characters …
(edit) @564   14 years gumby removed badness typo
(edit) @563   14 years iritscen Added old read-me to DeleteList. Incremented Andrashi mod's version so …
(edit) @562   14 years gumby really really depreciated ModString Fixed bug with detelist on windows …
(edit) @561   14 years iritscen Correcting BrutalAI mod_info file and adding old folder to AE DeleteList.
(edit) @560   14 years iritscen Moving Brutal AI package to Character Mod range of numbers.
(edit) @559   14 years gumby BSLBackup only backupededed on first update.
(edit) @558   14 years gumby fix for addon files not replacing bsl files if they exist
(edit) @557   14 years gumby oops
(edit) @556   14 years gumby fixedd addons
(edit) @555   14 years iritscen Fixing language in package update dialog.
(edit) @554   14 years iritscen Fixing stupid version truncation bug in a dialog box.
(edit) @553   14 years iritscen Fixes for incorrect AE version comparison and trashing of files during …
(edit) @552   14 years gumby Installer removes all read only attributes in install folder and a few …
(edit) @551   14 years gumby Allows new levels
(edit) @550   14 years gumby fixing broken code
(edit) @549   14 years gumby Compile fixes BSL Backup
(edit) @548   14 years gumby BSL addon fixes.
(edit) @547   14 years iritscen Converting these mod_info files to Unix line endings; they were not …
(edit) @546   14 years iritscen Typo fix.
(edit) @545   14 years iritscen Correcting name of Mac Severed package.
(edit) @544   14 years iritscen Minor corrections to read-me.
(edit) @543   14 years gumby Fixed PC issues, added exception handling.
(edit) @542   14 years iritscen Updated credits within AEI. AEI now makes sure there is always an …
(edit) @541   14 years iritscen Correcting credits and minor stuff.
(edit) @540   14 years iritscen Fixed capitalization :-p
(edit) @539   14 years iritscen Trying to rename this dang folder.…
(edit) @538   14 years iritscen Correcting mod_info files that have floating point version numbers to …
(edit) @537   14 years iritscen Updating read-me with Windows update instructions. Now with Windows …
(edit) @536   14 years iritscen Added sections to read-me about the additional AE mods that are d/ed …
(edit) @535   14 years iritscen Updating SD main menu version info. Replacing RTF read-me with HTML …
(edit) @534   14 years iritscen Updating AE install info with latest available version information.
(edit) @533   14 years gumby Radio saber buff
(edit) @532   14 years gumby Wow, megafail. \n\n does not make two newlines apparently. Gotta fix that.
(edit) @531   14 years gumby Radio Saber!
(edit) @530   14 years iritscen Adding HD main menu to core AE, although it won't appear unless HD …
(edit) @529   14 years iritscen Folding BSL widescreen fixes into VanillaBSL because that's where they …
(edit) @528   14 years iritscen Moving TCTF3 to NextRelease.
(edit) @527   14 years gumby Non 3d boolets
(edit) @526   14 years gumby Fixed bug with BSL PCs now use complete dats instead of seperated
(edit) @525   14 years gumby DashBlur -> Release
(edit) @524   14 years gumby More Blood!
(edit) @523   14 years gumby Blood!
(edit) @522   14 years gumby Updatezors. Package is tentatively done.
(edit) @521   14 years gumby Added 3d casings for syndicate pistol, too
(edit) @520   14 years gumby backing up
(edit) @519   14 years gumby backing this up before something goes horribly bad and i lose it all
(edit) @518   14 years iritscen Adding detailed description of Andrashi Melee System to mod_info file.
(edit) @517   14 years iritscen Folding ThreeDeeShells package into BetterWeaps.
(edit) @516   14 years iritscen Removed TODO lines for things we've done; small fix to package update …
(edit) @515   14 years iritscen Updating mod_info for Severed packages, mainly to add Platform flag.
(edit) @514   14 years iritscen Re: last log msg, I can't count apparently; correcting PC Severed …
(edit) @513   14 years iritscen Ooh, commit #29. Updated Mac project files, fixed small About box …
(edit) @512   14 years gumby Made the actual URL. :)
(edit) @511   14 years iritscen Fixed extern placement that Xcode doesn't like, removed some unused …
(edit) @510   14 years gumby Another place we need to refresh.
(edit) @509   14 years gumby Fixed broken update code
(edit) @508   14 years gumby fix?
(edit) @507   14 years gumby Stuff?
(edit) @506   14 years iritscen 1/4: fixed superfluous BSL2.log 2/4: fixed slightly dubious package …
(edit) @505   14 years gumby More improvements.
(edit) @504   14 years gumby Allowed single packages to be updated Changed the modversion to be a …
(edit) @503   14 years gumby Added button to change the current directory Fixed about window by …
(edit) @502   14 years iritscen Added optional OS flag, "Platform".
(edit) @501   14 years iritscen EdT's fix of the recoilless pistol; it's not a finished weapon, but at …
(edit) @500   14 years iritscen Changed 'Installer replacement failed' message so user can choose not …
(edit) @499   14 years iritscen I don't fully understand the CR/LF bug, but this fixes it *shrug*.
(edit) @498   14 years iritscen Adding paradox's fix of Dream Lab cutscene photos for widescreen.
(edit) @497   14 years iritscen Cleaning up obsolete files.
(edit) @496   14 years gumby Windows fixes.
(edit) @495   14 years iritscen Adding first cutscene fixed for 16:10 and 16:9 screens.
(edit) @494   14 years iritscen Forgot to add the weapon pics for the diary pages _
(edit) @493   14 years iritscen Finally committing EdT's diary pages for the new weapons.
(edit) @491   14 years gumby small fix
(edit) @490   14 years gumby Tentative batch file.
(edit) @489   14 years gumby Fixes for WIN32
(edit) @488   14 years iritscen Adding Install_Info.cfg to correct place in packages, and adding …
(edit) @487   14 years iritscen Adding update feature; moving/neatening some code; adding globals.h
(edit) @482   14 years gumby Fixed fail filename. :) Was causing buggy looking male running animations.
(edit) @475   14 years gumby
(edit) @469   14 years gumby Changed level texture stuff
(edit) @464   14 years iritscen One more package fix.
(edit) @463   14 years iritscen Correcting some package categories.
(edit) @462   14 years gumby Fixed buggy BSL stuff
(edit) @461   14 years gumby Added bsl support
(edit) @436   14 years iritscen Updating version numbers for 2009-07b release.
(edit) @425   14 years gumby Level3 crash fix
(edit) @424   14 years gumby Delorean++
(edit) @423   14 years gumby Fixed windows bug with window during globalization Fixed bug with …
(edit) @421   14 years gumby Fixed glass breaking particle
(edit) @420   14 years gumby
(edit) @419   14 years gumby Fixed missnamed ONCC
(edit) @418   14 years gumby Fixed ONVL again
(edit) @417   14 years gumby Fixed weapons
(edit) @416   14 years gumby Fixed w10_sni
(edit) @415   14 years gumby Moving UltimateMode to NextRelease
(edit) @414   14 years gumby
(edit) @413   14 years gumby ONVL relocated Moved UltimateMode
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